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Selecting The Right Agent

Author: Kevin Cloutier
Written On: Thu, 24 Jan 2013

I see lots of questions on Trulia and such media asking, How Do I Select The Right Agent? Its NOT always me, but I like to think so.

You want to base your decision on the personality, professionalism, and specialized skills of the agent you’re interviewing. TRUST YOUR GUT!!!

Yes, you should “interview” each other, this IS a big deal! Selling a home is not only one of the biggest financial transactions you will make in your life, but it is also a life “transition”. The agent who earns your business should be knowledgeable about real estate, but should also be able to provide you with a level of comfort and communication that makes you feel at ease and excited.

During your “interview” with prospective agents, make sure you ask the following questions:
•How many years of experience do you have? I happen to have 15+ years.
•What are the current conditions like? This changes all the time and its based upon area.
•Have you sold other homes in this price range? How many? I have closed more than 630 in my career.
•What is your commitment and availability? (Are they full-time or part-time? I am Full Time!
•How long will it be to return phone calls or emails?)I keep my cell with my and am always replying to e-mails
•What is your ability to sell my home quickly? THat answer honestly depends partly on the price which is up to you to approve.
•What is your plan to market my house? This I explain in person becuase it is customized by property.
•Do you see any reasons my house may not sell quickly? At the right price from the start, properties tend to sell quickly for the most part.
•What are reasonable goals for a timely sale? It really comes doen to 2 things, PRICE and PROMOTION.

Your agent should be honest and up front about reasonable time frames and a listing price that satisfies your needs, but is also competitive in the market.

After the interview is over, review the answers and make a note of how your interaction with the agent went. Even during a quick house sale, you will be spending a good deal of time with this person. You would be surprised how many people have complained about agents that simply weren’t a good personality fit for them. REMEMBER, TRUST YOUR GUT!!!

Working with someone that you feel comfortable with will make the experience much more enjoyable. Do you have a sense that the agent is honest and trustworthy? This is absolutely essential! You’ll need your real estate agent to give you honest assessments, explain any complex real estate terms, and develop the smartest sales strategy for your home.

With the right person as your agent, you’ll be much more likely to sell your home quickly.

Contact me today, the buyer is out there now!